I see from your website that you do not use flash in your photographs and you do not have a studio. What if the weather is bad and we can’t go outside?

I am able to photograph using the light from almost any window. I have my own lights and reflector boards which are a big help. If an outdoor photograph is important, we can reschedule. I am flexible when a client has a difficulty that is out of their control.

Can we engage you for our daughter’s birthday or my son’s wedding?

I am not an ‘events’ photographer. This means I photograph the birthday child enjoying their birthday, but not the party or bride and groom, but not the wedding. I have been asked to provide artisan portraiture as a wedding gift.

I really like your photographs, but I would like a portrait of my children in colour. Why don’t you offer any colour photography?

If you are interested in having a colour portrait perhaps you would like to consider one of my beautiful watercolour hand tinted or an ink & oil photographic print. My watercolour tinted photographs are genuinely hand crafted, not computerised digital images. Ink & oil painted photographic prints are a variation of Bromoil and are a combination photograph and oil painting, also hand crafted and one of a kind. When it is portraiture tinting or painting I stay as true to the real colours as the medium allows. This means that if your daughter was wearing a purple sweater with yellow and pink flowers, I will render the final image in those hues.

I hired a photographer who took digital photographs of my children. I intended to order more prints but when I checked back a few months later the photographer said she deleted the photos and we would have to attend another session. Do you work the same way?

No. I retain all negatives. You can order any of my photographs at anytime in the future provided the photograph is not a Limited Edition. Limited Editions are printed from negative film and retired after the given number of printings; however the negative is retained in the traditional archival manner.

What is an archival photograph?

It is important to understand what is meant by archival photograph. An archival photograph is a photograph printed using the same methods photographers have been using for generations. The longevity of properly developed negatives and prints is unequalled to date. For more information about archival photographs please refer to the Artist’s Statement portion of my website.

The last photographer my husband and I hired provided us with an archival copy of our photographs on a disc. Do you do that?

No. The photographic prints I produce are genuine silver photographs produced in a ‘wet’ darkroom; no technology required for viewing for a hundred years into the future. Photographers who provide a disc are providing you with digital data stored on a disc. The disk will need to be copied and recopied many times to keep up with the fast pace of change in the field of technology. Unfortunately, each time a digital image is copied some of the pixels are damaged.

Do you have any package deals?

The portrait sitting includes two prints of the same photograph available in sizes 5 x 7 and 8 x 10, excluding watercolour hand tinted or ink & oil painted photographic prints which are purchased separately. Limited Edition prints are never included and are only available in 8 x 10 or 11 x14.


Please feel free to email me with any further questions: info@brandonmonet.com

Please Note: Brandon retains all negatives. Brandon’s photographs are copyright protected. Do not copy or use Brandon’s photographs without written permission. Downloading images from this website is prohibited.