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Artist’s Statement

“As more and more photographers turn to digital and produce desk top photographic prints, the value of real authentic black and white photography should not be under rated. We look back at the importance of photographers like Edward Weston and their contributions to our current understanding of photography. Some of Weston’s black and white film negatives are over 80 years old and their value will without doubt continue to grow. Weston’s family is able to print his original negatives in the darkroom. These photographs sell in prices ranging from 3,000.00 – 18,000.00 US Dollars. The oldest known photograph of early Manhattan dating from the 1840s is a Daguerreotype and sold through Sotheby’s auction in 2009, for 62,500.00 US Dollars.

There is something substantial in an authentic black and white photographic print I am just not satisfied is present in a digital desktop version. All of my negative film and photographic prints are developed in the traditional wet darkroom. I use the same methods photographers have been using for almost a hundred years. They are time honoured and proven to provide longevity to both the negative and the finished image, often referred to as archival quality processing.

I enjoy working with available light; what it illuminates is a creative process that occurs naturally. The rays of light reveal hidden spaces and create shadows. I have been told I see the light, but I also see the shadows. I use photography to capture a little of the mystery that is obscured beyond the light. It is true that I do enjoy capturing the light but I want to capture not only the light and what it reveals but also what it hides. I like creating a photograph that tweaks my imagination.

I produce authentic black and white gelatin silver photographs. Each photograph is signed and dated. All Limited Edition prints are numbered, gracefully mounted using 100 percent cotton rag acid free materials. Limited Edition negatives receive a maximum of 30 printings. Occasionally, I have a print that is limited to less than 30. Limited Edition negatives are retired when the stated last print has been sold. The Hand Tinted and Ink and Oil photographic paintings are all hand crafted and one of a kind as no two can ever be exactly alike.

I retain and store all negatives in an acid free environment. I think most people will look back at the history of photography and be grateful that influential photographers maintained a negative storage system enabling so many of us to learn from and enjoy their work.”


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