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Brandon also offers authentic toned and hand-tinted photographs, (not computer generated) in both her fine art and portraiture. The tinting of photographs can be accomplished in different ways. Some tinting is carried out in the darkroom using a bleaching process that converts the metallic silver in the photograph to a silver compound to create a Sepia or Selenium photographic print. Fine art photographers have been toning photographs since the 1800s and as a result discovered that certain types of toning increased the longevity of the image. Sepia photographic prints which were created as far back as 1895 still exist in family collections and remain almost unchanged.

Brandon begins these projects in the darkroom by first toning the finished photograph using one of the described toning processes. Once the photograph is dry, the hand-tinting process can begin. Brandon uses brushes to apply watercolour directly to the toned black and white photograph creating a colour image that is not only beautiful and unique but has an unequalled longevity. Each one of these watercolour tinted photographs is a unique, handcrafted work of art. They are truly something special and different.

Brandon explains, “Toning is done on a large scale in the darkroom, the process does prolong the completion of the print. Once the toning is finished and the print dry, the photograph is ready for mounting and framing. Watercolour hand-tinting, however is a much more time consuming process. A watercolour hand-tinting project can take hours, days or even weeks to complete. Each colour is applied by hand using a brush. It takes time to achieve the right variation of colour. Every application of tint dries completely before more is added. In this way the application of colour is controlled as completely as possible.”

These authentic, watercolour hand tinted originals are truly unique pieces of art. They are a fine addition to any art collection.





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