Reflected in Brandon’s portrait photography is her attempt to capture the character of the individual, in a particular place, at a particular moment, candidly if possible. While it is true that some people prefer to be posed, Brandon’s easy going style and seemingly limitless patience help even the most bashful subjects relax. Brandon describes her portraiture, “I use photography in an attempt to capture the truth of a moment – even the quality of the presence of the light – which so often goes unnoticed. Available light illuminates a face but also allows for the many shades between the pure black and pure white. Light and shadow can complement and reveal character.” Children in particular find flash photography harsh and this leads to a less enjoyable photographic experience.

Most important to Brandon is the final image. “When we look back at a photograph, we are looking back in time. A photograph allows us to remember a moment of a particular day and from there we are taken on to other memories. Photography should aid in that process by capturing and recording as honestly as possible our memories. The day was sunny or overcast; the sky clear blue or splashed with puffy clouds. The child in the photograph was bashful, playful, bored or curious or at times, all of these.” There are several different stylised poses used in photography, but Brandon has found that with children it’s best to give them the freedom to express themselves.

It is hard work to capture a child candidly. Brandon chooses to accompany the subject and through candid photography capture and record the individual character of the child. It involves following them with the camera while at play or enjoying an imaginative adventure. Brandon says, “I often feel I miss as many shots as I get”. She strives to capture the essence of the child. Brandon can provide several props to help a child use their imagination. Little girls love to play dress up and have their teddy bears to tea. Brandon can provide a lovely table and chairs for just such an occasion. Little boys do well in the chef’s hat and apron. You might like to give some thought to what you would like for a final image. You may want your child dressed in their best or in a costume for imaginative play. Whatever you decide, Brandon is dedicated to producing a beautiful authentic black and white portrait of your child. She also provides beautifully hand tinted and ink and oil painted photographic portraiture. Regardless of the medium, Brandon’s photographs are sure to become a family’s treasured heirloom.


All of Brandon’s photographic negatives and prints are processed for longevity, often referred to as archival. For more information about what an archival photograph is, please visit the Fine Art section of this website.


Inquiries or bookings: Please email me at: info@brandonmonet.com


Please Note: Brandon retains all negatives. Brandon’s photographs are copyright protected. Do not copy or use Brandon’s photographs without written permission. Downloading images from this website is prohibited.

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